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Compate combinations of data based on Customer Sat Score


           I have a need to find the BEST combinations of people.


        I have 4 Resources on a given Project.

                       Project Manager

                       Resource Type 1

                       Resource Type 2

                       Resource Type 3


At the end of the Project, the team gets a Survey score. 

The next project will consist of combinations of people in each role.

I try to assign the resources that have work together, so I have Data that would tell me when a given team is paired.


My question is:     What would be the best way to articulate the best combinations of people.

                             What is the Best way to present the visual of that Data?


Dataset Example:


Project #  | Project Manager Name | Resource 1 Name | Resource 2 Name  |  Resource 3 Name |  Sat Score | Date of Survey


Moderator v-qiuyu-msft

Re: Compate combinations of data based on Customer Sat Score

Hi @amenne,


What you mean about "The next project will consist of combinations of people in each role."? Would you please share some sample data and show the expected results? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Community Support Team _ Qiuyun Yu
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Re: Compare combinations of data based on Customer Sat Score (Evaluating Teams- Best Combination)

 I am looking for a single visual based on the Data-set below.

I would like a Line(?) Representation of the 4 roles.
Possibally a Circle would have 4 quarters:
             -Each Quarter would be a role.
              -The Line Matrix would connect all the resources with a different color per "common" project. Example: all Projects worked by: Larry,Betty,Maxwell, and Bobbie, the average of that combination would be represented by each line. (The Visual will need to detirmine the combination and average of that combination)
               - The Weight of the line would be determined by Score OR Duration.

Business Need:
      I want to detirmine the best and worst combination of people based on duration and Customer Sat.
If Anyone has a better Idea, I am all ears!!

DataSet Sample:
Project #,Project Manager,HR Consultant,PR Consultant,Labor Consultant,Sat Score,Duration
123,Bob,Jerry,Shelly,Bobbie,9,187 127,Bob,Tim,Joe,Anthony,2,189
131,Bob,Tim,Maxwell,Anthony,8,99 135,Bob,Betty,Shelly,Randy,9,98
139,Bob,Danielle,Jacob,Randy,10,172 126,Larry,Danielle,Maxwell,Jeff,3,90
130,Larry,Jerry,Jacob,Randy,4,90 134,Larry,**bleep**,Joe,Bobbie,2,128
138,Larry,Betty,Maxwell,Bobbie,2,124 142,Larry,Jerry,Shelly,Bobbie,5,142

125,Sue,Betty,Jacob,Anthony,2,138 129,Sue,Jerry,Joe,Bobbie,8,147

133,Sue,Danielle,Shelly,Jeff,10,143 137,Sue,Tim,Jacob,Jeff,5,96

141,Sue,Danielle,Joe,Jeff,9,135 124,Tom,Tim,Joe,Randy,10,133

128,Tom,Danielle,Shelly,Jeff,10,102 132,Tom,Betty,Maxwell,Jeff,9,111

136,Tom,Jerry,Joe,Anthony,8,166 140,Tom,Tim,Maxwell,Anthony,4,172

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