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Comparing historical average to current week average


I have been experimenting with Power BI and can handle most simple visualizations, but this one is beyond my skill.  I've researched the archives and have not found quite the same scenario.


Currently, I am measuring quality of a product by way of 10 attributes.  These get Yes/No assessments in the SharePoint list where this data lives, then SP calculates a 0-100 average across all attributes.  So each product instance gets one quality score at the end of the day.


I am trying to get more granular.  I'll do this by charting historical average (excluding the current week) for each attribute as well as current week average.  As an idea, historical average could be displayed as a bar, with the current week average plotted as a point.  Something like this:




The data would look something like this:


Instance IDAttribute 1Attribute 2Attribute 3Attribute 4Attribute 5Attribute 6Attribute 7Attribute 8Attribute 9Attribute 10



If Power BI cannot do this with Yes/No data, I can convert to a 0-100 scale within SharePoint (although excluding the current week will be a trick I'll need to learn) and bring the data in as a 0-100 score for each value (or I will simply capture the input as 0-100 at the point of entry... will try to make that process change if it will ease the calculations).


Hope that makes sense.  Any guidance would be great.  Thanks!





Hi @zallebban,


Please share a dummy sample of the original data. Because the sample you post doesn't contain the date column. Besides, there seems no such visual. How about the Line and clustered column visual?


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Dale
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Dale, I think that visual would work.


This should do it.  My post preview is showing the empty QC columns, but they are disappearing when I post.  For demonstration purposes, feel free to reduce the number of quality attribute columns (prefixed by "QC") to make things easier.  If necessary, I can send an Excel export if you provide an email address.  Thanks.





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