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Combined chart with two X-axis



I have a table with tickets reported in our system. Each ticket has columns: ID, Reported Date, Closed Date, Close Reason.

I'd like to draw a chart, where I can see:

  • X-axis: Month number
  • Y-axis: Number of tickets created and closed (but only with one specific Close Reason) in this month



So basically I'd like to have this two charts combined to one:

  • Reported tickets:


  • Ticked closed with specific reason:



Is it possible in Power BI?


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Re: Combined chart with two X-axis

Hi @rmieszko,


Based on your image, the X axis of the two charts is Month Number. We could create a Clustered column chart with Month Number as X axis and Reported tickets andTicked closed with specific reason as values.  The chart will like below.




Is this your desired outpu? If not, please share your desired output so that we could help further on it.


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Re: Combined chart with two X-axis

Hi @v-piga-msft,


yes, that's the output I'm looking for. But the thing is Month Number means both Closed Date and Reported Date. So I don't have one column with month number.

Also, as an input I don't have number of tickets reported and closed in each month, but ticket list itself, so I have to do measurments in Power BI. Here's a sample of input data.

IDStateReported DateClosed Date
7129ReasonX05.01.2017 01:17:1213.02.2017 13:07:43
6979Closed05.01.2017 08:42:0118.01.2017 08:30:21
6980Closed05.01.2017 08:56:0118.01.2017 08:30:21
8420ReasonX11.01.2017 00:09:0512.02.2017 08:29:48
8273ReasonX11.01.2017 08:32:0812.02.2017 08:31:03
8970Closed12.01.2017 06:23:4027.01.2017 10:31:02
8973ReasonX12.01.2017 06:51:1317.01.2017 09:50:50
8978Closed12.01.2017 07:03:2526.01.2017 14:41:01
8981Closed12.01.2017 07:33:4203.02.2017 09:31:27
9296Closed13.01.2017 01:19:5809.02.2017 11:36:38
9766Closed16.01.2017 04:56:5503.02.2017 09:34:33


For Reported Tickets part I need to use ID, Reported Date,.

For Closed Tickests part I need to use ID, Closed Date, State=ReasonX.

I hope it's clear now and you can help me :-)

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Re: Combined chart with two X-axis

Any idea, anybody? :-)