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Combine two date filters?

Greetings :-)


First of all, I am a complete noob, as it comes to Power BI Desktop. This is my very first venture into its depths, so please bear with me, if what I'm looking for should be obvious, or my phrasing is off.


I am using data from an SQL-server and I really want to avoid having to load it through Excel, since I'm trying to create a dashboard for use by someone else. (I.e. I want to make it run automatically, without any recurrent involvment from me and without them having an excel-file with the data lying around.)


One of my columns is a list of enddates, which I'm trying to filter. The filter has to include both dates in the future (dynamically) and blanks (i.e. without an enddate). Is that at all possible inside Power BI Desktop?





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