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Combine CSVs from Folder - Separate Function

Hi I am new to Power BI and I am facing an issue.


I have a Folder of csv files which I have to import. The csv files has readings of a electronic device,12-12-_2017_11-01-39.png


I imported the csv folder and I got such a screen



Then I tried to remove the unwanted columns 12-12-_2017_11-06-07.png


now I have a column that shows the sourse file that is in my case the csv file for eg-MFT_RB1_2017-08-08_11-26-56.csv

I am getting all the data i.e the combined data of over 100 csv file in one sigle table as shown above. I want to create diffrent tables for each csv files. I can do it manually by importing csv files seperately like this -


 But when I am importing a folder I am getting a sigle combined table, I want to split the main table into tables=number of csv files and visualiye the output as above

(I got the above visualization by importing 6 csv one by one, which works perfect)

But when importing a complete folder I am getting one big table with all 100 csv combined and I want to create diffrent tables for diffrent csv like I did with the above visualization.


Also, I have over 100 csv files in the folder and if I add 50 more in the folder it should automatically create tables of those newly added csv files.


Can anyone help me with this?

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Re: Combine CSVs from Folder - Separate Function

hi, @ajuanto


1. Create the steps to image 1.
2. Add a custom column and enter the following function:

Csv.Document ([Content], [Delimiter = ",", Encoding = 1252])

be careful with the delimiter and not with the Binary column.
3. Expand this column that has a table, the new parent columns leave only the DATA (with the data)
4. Delete the columns that you do not need.
5. I renamed the columns as needed
6. Format the coluans as needed

try this should work

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Re: Combine CSVs from Folder - Separate Function

Thank you!!! it works

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Power BI Visualisation

I had a trouble visualizing my output in Power BI. I have imported more than 1500 CSV files but every time I visualize it, it only shows 10 CSV files that are randomly selected among the 1500 CSV files.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

  1. How can I see all 1500 CSV visualization at once rather than just 10 CSSV?

  2. If it's not possible then I wanted to know how is 10 CSV files selected out of 1500 CSV files? Is there any calculation involved or is it just a random selection that Power BI dose on its own?

  3. In image4 I would like to know how the calculation is di=one for Average, Sum, Medium, and Maximum.

I have attached screenshots for reference. I tried using various filters but none has given me the desired output. In Image4 you can see that I can select the Sum Average Minimum Maximum and other filters....but neither worked.

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