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KishNSI Frequent Visitor
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Columns are not getting pulled through

I'm getting a confusing result from my connection to our Connectwise database that is dramatically interfering with my ability to pull information. I'm pulling in a table that should be a normal, self-contained table, and it is displaying some columns like this. The database information says this is not a view or anything that should be referencing another table like this. Why would values not be getting pulled in here? Am I missing something obvious?






Moderator v-caliao-msft

Re: Columns are not getting pulled through



In Microsoft Power Query, we use the Expand operation to bring related tables back together. Complex columns that can be expanded to expose the inner elements have an expand icon ( Expand column icon ) in the column header.




Charlie Liao

KishNSI Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Columns are not getting pulled through

y confusionM is that these shouldn't be merged tables, these should be fields that are part of the base table I'm using, at least according to the documentation I have. And while the data shows up fine when I try to pull it out in a report, expanding the table doesn't seem to work right, it just grabs this unrelated table's worth of fields and populates it with nulls. Because of that, I can't do any joins like this to get data organized in a way that I can set up certain visuals properly separated by categories.


Maybe this is a problem with the database, but I've just never seen it before. 


EDIT: Ok, it's pulling the data through now. Still a mystery to me as to why it's behaving this way, but at least I can work with the data now.