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Color ramp min/max values do not change with different data selection on last update of ArcGIS viz

With the latest upgrade to ArcGIS for PowerBi it looks like the color palette min/max values stay fixed and do not change upon different data selections within the report. Is there a way to set the symbol style in a way that min/max values, and hence the colors in the map, are adjusted automatically based on the user selection? This was the way ArcGIS was working just before the latest update.


Alternatively, is there a way to roll back to a previous ArcGIS viz version in PowerBI?

Community Support
Community Support

Esri Product team is currently working on the related two issues, below are the links where we can get the latest news about them.

Color ramp min and max values do not change with different data selection on last update - Esri Comm...

Maps got broken in the last update - Page 3 - Esri Community


Community Support Team _ Jing

The fix should be out on the 29th of September. In the mean time, the version has been rolled back and everything should work as expected.



Great to hear! thank you @astauffer . Looking forward to the fix.

I had to update the post... our team at Microsoft let us know that the patch won't be on production until the 29th. 


If there is anything else I can do in the mean time, please let me know.

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Thanks for the update, looking forward for an error-free patch...

We are too... and also ready too respond quick with updates as needed. 

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Hello @astauffer 


It seems ArcGIS maps update was activated sometime during the weekend. The results are... less than ideal to be nice, the min/max values under "Classify data" are set based on the data selected at the moment Power BI opens meaning that if a user changes the data selection either by using slicers or by selecting a different attribute within the report the colors in the map DO NOT UPDATE based on the new data range min/max values. This is not the way ArcGIS maps worked before, if this is the way this visualization will work moving forward it will be good to know so I can start looking for a different option to my map needs in Power BI. 



Hello There!


We have identified this issue as something we want to fix in an release very soon. There are some changes in the underlying technology that had a negative impact on the rendering. We aim to fix this in the next few weeks, but if you need to use another visual that provides exactly what you need we'll understand. 


Thank you.

Frequent Visitor

Thanks @astauffer for your reply.


It is reasuring to know that this behaviour is a bug and not a feature and that is something that's been worked on. Any update regarding a timeline for a fix will be appreciated.  

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I noticed this as well. I have the color on the map dependent on whether or not the record was in SFDC. Everything was the default color (blue/green), I was able to get it to switch back to red/blue (somehow), but the values were switched (red=yes, blue=no) and no way to change it back to the inverse. I went back to it later, and got a message stating "Access to this content requires permission. Sign in below, or contact the content's owner for access. Learn more." There is no link below. Version: 2.96.1061.0 64-bit (August, 2021)

I am getting the same error @Jglenn regarding the "Access to this content requires permission." I'm currently speaking to ArcGIS support. I'll let you know what they say.


@Jglenn ArcGIS said that depending on the layer being shared, the persmissions may have changed. I tried opening up a new ArcGIS visual and it seems to be working without logging it. I just need to reformat everything to what it used to look like. They recommended: Their number is 1-888-377-4575 and you would choose the support option from the phone tree.


I'll keep you posted if I find out more. 



Hi @seanguerrero 

We did introduce a bug in the latest release that we are working to fix ASAP. If you get this error again and need an account, feel free to email me and I'll set you up with temporary access until we get this fixed.




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Hello astauffer,


It is good to see that Esri is already looking at a solution to the access issues brought by the latest update. Is a solution to the issue of the min/max values to be expected as well?

Advocate I
Advocate I

For Example..... Are you saying that you used to be able to select some features, or zoom the map and the features on the map would dynamicly changed so that the lowest value is always RED and the highest value is always Green?

Frequent Visitor



To clarify, up until recently the color ramp in ArcGIS viz adjusted to the user selection, for example:


A user is plotting an attribute that, over the spam of 3 days, varied from 1 to 10 and the color scale's min/max were 1/10 thus showing the full range of the color ramp on the map. When the user filters by one day in which the attribute being plotted only varied from 3 to 6, the color scale automatically adjusted its min/max to 3/6 thus showing the full range of the color ramp on the map for a particular day selected. 


As of now, the colors min/man values appear to be fixed regardless of the user selection. Hope my explanation describes the issue...

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