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ScottMcGeary Frequent Visitor
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Co-occurrence Matrix

Has anyone done a Co-occurrence Matrix in Power BI without using R?

Moderator v-caliao-msft

Re: Co-occurrence Matrix



What kind of Co-occurrence Matrix do you want to achieve?

Could you please elaborate your requirement with more information like some sample data and your desired result if possible?



Charlie Liao

ScottMcGeary Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Co-occurrence Matrix

I am currently using the "Correlation plot" visualization which uses an R Package called "corrplot". This pretty much gets me what I need, but the visual customization limitations are a bit of a challenge. For example, instead of displaying the correlation coefficient in each square of the matrix, I would like to display an actual number. And, the colors can't be changed for the correlation coefficient scale. 


I guess I am just wondering if there is anything on the roadmap for Power BI to make this type of visualization more accessible to folks that won't bother installing R, or if anyone has done something simlilar with another viz. I know it's a bit of a specilized need, but I figured I would ask. I will paste a screen shot of what I have done so far with the axis labels cropped out so you can see what I'm working with.