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Changing a Calculated Column from Text to Integer

Hello all,

Try and create some conditions within my data using calculated columns, but I've run into some issues. I'm created a few Conditional columns that I'm then trying to tie all back together to get 1 value IF and only if all of the conditions are met. However, I then need to convert that value back to an integer and it's proving complicated. Has anyone encountered anything like this before? 

My calculations are as follows:
PW STATUS CALC = IF('Opps'[Status]="Open",'Opps'[PW Rev],"")
PW Opp Status Calc = IF('Opps'[Opportunity Status]="In Process",'opps'[PW Rev],IF('Opps'[Opportunity Status]="Waiting for Approval",'opps'[PW Rev],IF('Opps'[Opportunity Status]="",'opps'[PW Rev])))
PW Sales Stage Calc = IF('Opps'[Sales Stage]="3-Development",'opps'[PW REV],IF('Opps'[Sales Stage]="4-Validation",'opps'[PW REV],IF('Opps'[Sales Stage]="5-Delivery",'opps'[PW REV])))
PW Confidence Calc = IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="100",'Opps'[PW Rev],IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="90",'Opps'[PW Rev],IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="75",'Opps'[PW Rev],IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="50","",IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="25","",IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="10","",IF('Opps'[Confidence (%)]="0","")))))))
PW Opp Status/Status/Sales Stage = 'Opps'[PW STATUS CALC]='Opps'[PW Opp Status Calc] && 'Opps'[PW Opp Status Calc]='Opps'[PW Sales Stage Calc] && Opps[PW STATUS CALC]='Opps'[PW Confidence Calc]
PW ACTUAL REV = IF('Opps'[PW Opp Status/Status/Sales Stage]="TRUE",'Opps'[PW Rev],"")
The ultimate goal is to transform the value in PW ACTUAL REV to a number so I can complete additional mathematical calculations against it in my dashboard.
Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of ideas.
Thanks so much!
Community Support
Community Support

Has the problem been solved? If not, please let me know.

Community Support
Community Support

I suggest you use BLANK() instead of "" and confirm that each column with number data created is in number format.

If the problem persists,Please provide a sample pbix with dummy data.

Super User
Super User

@GRikerWillig I would recommend paste sample data and expected output. Read this post to get your answer quickly.

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