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Changing Drill Down



I hope someone can help.


I've inherited a dashboard with a drill through page (which I've never created or used before).


I have a matrix with four columns; Actual, % of Sales, Forecast and Variance. These columns are pulled from one column (named column) as shown below:




When I drill through any figure in the matrix, I get taken to another page and the 'column' named data set will filter to whatever I clicked through. I.E. If I drill through on a figure in the actual column, on the drill through page, the column name 'Column' will automatically filter to 'Actual'.


I want to erase the selection in the 'Column' column so regardless of what figure I drill through, no selection is made.


I hope this makes sense.



Resolver I
Resolver I

Hmm, yeah I guess it must be inheriting that filter from the context of the other field/s you're drilling on.


There's an option to lock the fields in the drill through field list, not sure if that would help at all.


what are you wanting the drill through report to show?

I only have options to lock certain fields, not all of them. The 'column' field itself is a field that doesn't have the lock sign.


I want the drill through report to show all data not just the one you drill down on. i.e if I drill down on a figure in the 'actual' column, I want the drill through to show actual and forecast, not just actual.

Yeah, I don't know if that will work with the matrix visual, it's going to inherit filter context from both column and row when you drill through.


In order to drill through without filtering the 'column' values you'd need to have a common field value that you drill through on instead. I've gotten around that by creating a calculated column with a single value e.g "View All" and using that to drill through on, but you'd need to use that in another visual outside of the matrix table. I've used a tree map with single value before as it looks somewhat like a button.


the other option could be to rebuild your drill through page using measures that are specifically ignore certain drill through filters.

Resolver I
Resolver I

If you go to the drill through report, at the bottom of the visualisation pane (values tab) you can see which fields have been added to the list of drill through fields. If you remove a field from that list it will no longer be used for filtering the drill through report when you drill through. You need at least one field from your matrix to to be included in the drill through fields list, otherwise you won't get the option to drill through.

Thank you for your response, I've tried this already however when I select another value in the table, the field 'Column' will appear back into the drill through fields.

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