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Change the values shown on charts basing on an external filter

Hello to everyone,


i have three tables each containing datas losses on a production line based on different time frame: There are losses based on the "hour" time frame, losses based on "shift" time frame, losses based on "daily" time frame.

In the picture below is showed the chart containing data that refer to "hour" time frame. 


As showed in the next picture in the same table there are datas that refer to "shift" and "daily" time frame:


In the other sheets there are similar datas: in the chart are showed losses that refer to hour time frame. In the same table there are losses that refer to "daily" time frame and "shift" time frame.


i need to change alla the graphs and charts contained in the project just selecting a filter ( that i need to create) that contain three choises: "daily frame"-"hour frame" - "shift frame".

for example. If i select the filter "daily analysis", on both graph shown before i want to see data that change automatically from the actual selected ( with the "hour time frame") to the one that refer to a daily time frame.

( giorno= day; ora= hour; turno=shift).

I hope someone could help me.


Thanks in advance

New Member 

I have uploaded the sanitized project.

On the first page there is an example of the filter that i would like to have:


Just pretend that now is selected the "analysis per hour" filter: on the page "analysis.1", "analysis.2" and "analysis.3" in the charts are visualized the "losses per hour":



If i select in the first page the filter "analysis per shift" i wuold like to see automatically change the values showed in the charts from "losses per hour" to losses per shift" as showed here:




i hope to have been more clear.


Thanks in advance



Super User
Super User

You can combine the daily and hourly views into a hierarchy (assuming your calendar table goes down to hour level). But the shifts have to be separate as they  likely do not line up with either days or hours.


Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

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