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KY Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Change display unit in matrix

For a matrix, how to change the display unit, from $ to 1k$, or 1M$..


On approach I can think of is to create a measure or column for each column of data, then do something like display_value000 = value000/scale...  and scale is updated by the choice of either $, 1k$ or 1M$? 


Any easier solutions? such as to format the matrix itself? 


Thank you

Super User
Super User

Re: Change display unit in matrix

@KY Unfortunately i think your way of doing it via measures would be the only one. For other visuals you have option of specifying format like you wanted under Data Labels but not for the matrix.

RMohamad3 Visitor

Re: Change display unit in matrix

hi. how you do it that one. can you eleborate more?