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Impactful Individual

Card Word Wrap issue


I managed to build a metric with text in a card, but resulted too long and when applying Word Wrap it doesn't appear to be working.

My card shows like this:



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Four years later... still doesn't work

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I think I have the same issue still. I can check on/off the card visual but the function is not working.

I used the Custom Visual instead from MAQ Software "Text Wrapper".



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I cannot believe this is still an issue!!! Micrsoft, it is ridiculous this visual will still not wrap the category text. How about improving visuals that havent been touched in years and a few less of the fancy ones that people rarely use.

Advocate II
Advocate II

This is a really old thread, but happens to be a question I have now. Any way to wrap the text for a measure / field in a card? This is not useful as it stands. I tried 'Cards with States' but no love there either.



I was having the same issue and realized I just needed to expand the height of the visual and/or reduce my text size. 

Helper II
Helper II

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't even get the label to wrap??



Community Champion
Community Champion



The built-in standard Card Visual that comes with PBI does not allow the Category Label to wrap!


However this option exists in the Card with States Visual (probably the most used Custom Visual)



Card with States - Category Label - Text Wrap.png

This visual is highly customizable - give it a try!

Good Luck! Smiley Happy

You're a life saver Sean, thanks man!

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Was this ever addressed?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@calerof@trebgatte@Baskar, thanks for reporting this issue. I will report it internally and will keep you updated. 

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Impactful Individual

@calerof@trebgatte@Baskar, got the confirmation from PG that just as @trebgatte mentioned it is by design that the only category label is wrapping, not the text.

@Vicky_Song, this can't possibly be "By Design." This reduces the value of the Card visualization as you now can't use it for displaying text returned from a DAX measure. The fact that the data label wraps is even more troubling as I can't think of a reason I'd need the data label to wrap. The support email I had received suggested a bug was filed.


Looks like I'll have to rally people via UserVoice and log support tickets to fix a bug. 


Treb Gatte, Business Solutions MVP | @tgatte | Blog | CIO Magazine Blog

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@trebgatte, thanks for this information. Maybe there is somewhere wrong I need to figure out as we got mismatch info. Would you mind sharing me your ticket ID so I can reach out the engineer who helped you to have a double confirmation?

@Vicky_Song Any more information about this issue??


I get my data from Project Online and I got fields with text including HTML tags for next line. I need to have a way to present this text. The closest I have come is by using the LongTextViewer custom visual. Unfortunately though this visual doesn't support HTML tags.


There is text wrap in the query editor for some weird reason and HTML tags are also recognised. But this isn't true outside of the query editor.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

This is one of bug in power BI, its not work for me to Smiley Mad

I opened a ticket on this a month or so ago so the bug was filed. They said the word wrap is erroneously applied to the data label. Let's hope they fix this soon.


Treb Gatte | Business Solutions MVP | Blog | Twitter

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