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gooranga1 Senior Member
Senior Member

Cannot turn off autosize column widths on a matrix

Looking at some of the posts and ideas it appears there is no way to create a matrix, in the new version of the matrix visualisation, and fix the column widths?


I have a matrix and even with the autosize columns widths switched off I cannot manually determine the column widths of the matrix. The column widths always snap back the length of the largest value in the matrix.


I can see the use in this but it's not that useful when you want the matrix to be a fixed size on a report. I can't see what the auto-size column width toggle actually does?

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Cannot turn off autosize column widths on a matrix



In Matrix visual, the autosize setting is only to control the size for each column group. It's not possible to fix the size of entire matrix area. You may submit a feature request on idea.