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arelf27 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Cannot Publish to power bi service I was successful in publishing your Bubble Chart.pbix to this "Preview" workspace..


So here are all the test so far:

1.) I can't pubilsh my "A" pbix (uses Direct Data Connection) to my "A" workspace created with new WORKSPACE PREVIEW

2.) I can publish this "A" pbix to a different workspace that was created before workpace preview

3.) I can't publish antoher "B" pbix this new workpace created with preview (so can't publish it to workspace "A") (ALSO USES DIRECT CONNECTION)

4.) I can publish "B" pbix to any other workspaces crated without workspace preview

5.) The only .pbix I was able to publish and see "Successful" message was your Bubble.pbix - which I assumes uses IMPORT Connection???


So the two things I see in commong - is I created new workspace using WORKSPACE PREVIEW and trying to Publish solution that uses "DIRECT CONNECTION"   - I mean it's obvious that something with this new workspace preview is messed up (as I've been developing and publishing .pbix. for ~2 years and NEVER had a problem until they introduced Workspace Preview.) However looks like replicating it might not be easy as it's a combination of things that's messing it up.


Oh and btw the .pbix does Publish.. When I look in my new Workspace Preview Workspace it's there.. However I just don't get: "Published Successful." message. I get "Error Publishing" instead every single time.. (not intermittent) VERY FRUSTRATING.

jmannhardt Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Cannot Publish to power bi service

Experiencing the exact same. 


We are just ramping up our Power BI Deployment, and were hoping to launch out of the gate with the New Workspace model to avoid migration later.  However, this is really confusing to our PBI Desktop Users.  


Hopefully a fix is in the pipeline?

arelf27 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Cannot Publish to power bi service

Update: when I switched our solution from Direct Query to Import, the Publish Error went away... However, also realized new Preview workspace doesn’t allow for Usage Metrics to be created, which finally made-up my mind for me.. So I ended up deleting the new Preview workspace and recreating it without preview turned on. This non-preview workspace allows our Direct Query pbix to publish without any issues. Personally I’m very disappointed in the latest preview features being rolled-out half-naked and causing all these issues.. Hoping when they roll this out it won’t have all the issues
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Re: Cannot Publish to power bi service

I have just tried for the first time creating and publishing to the new App Workspaces.


I experienced exactly the same issue.  That is PBI Desktop would raised an error when I tried to publish the report to the new App Workspace, telling me it couldn't.


When I go to the App Workspace within the PBI Service, I can see the report, and the dataset; however, if I try to create a report off of this dataset I get an error (do no have access).


The dataset is based on an Azure SSAS Tabular model.  I am the admin for the PBI Service, the admin for the Azure SSAS instance, and the creator/Admin for the offending app workspace.


I agree with other comments; for such a fundamental change, I feel MS should have completed much more robust testing.  I am also left feeling that models based on SSAS databases are the poor cousin to models created within Power BI Desktop, but that's another thread entirely!

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