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AClerk Member

Can't display the visual

Hi All,

Getting the famous error.

I have about 20 data sources in my report.

All of them are connected in the relationship module. Some sources have a single connection, some have 2 connections.

I am building a table visualisation by adding one column at a time.


I have cases where after adding a column I am getting the error. i.e. Table1.C1, Table2.C1, Then when adding Table3.Cn, the visual gets the error.

what can be the root cause?

How can I investigate this?

When running a SQL script, I am getting the expected results.

For example:
select * from table1 inner join table2 inner join table3 inner join table4

on =

and =

and =


Also, creating a seperate visual for each data source, works fine.



2019-01-30 14_58_25-Clipboard.png



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Can't display the visual

HI @AClerk,


I think you need to add a bridge table to extract id value from these tables, then use bridge table to link tables which you mentioned.


After above steps, you can use bridge table id and other fields to build a visual.


In addition, please share some detail information to help use clarity your scenario.(e.g, data structure, relationship, fields which visual used)

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Xiaoxin Sheng

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AClerk Member

Re: Can't display the visual


These are the "bridge tables".

For example Table2 is the bridge between 1 and 3.

Also there are bridges between all tables in my schema.


So if table 1 is salesmen, and table 3 is sales, table 2 will have salesmen ID and sales ID.

In that way I can relate all sales made to a specific person.


About the data,

It is hard for me to provide it, as I am working with sensetive data. Creating dummy data requires a lot of effort, which currently I do not have the capacity for.

Also, I have about 20 tables in my relationship, and reconstructing with fake data, not always works.


I am asking about possible issues and how to investigate

Not asking for the resulotion.