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Can I use multiple SVG files in one visual that change based on filter?

We have a list of 50 project sites. 


Once each site is mapped out via synoptic designer, I would like to insert SVG in visual, then based on project number, have BI select the appropriate SVG file.


It looks like something similiar was done in here - see end of video where they change between US map and EUROPE map, but I couldnt find the instructions to create the table where the SVG files live and how to set up the visual to be dynamic.

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Hello guys, are there any updates on this ? My requirements are exactly the same as @triafrog33 . I just wanted to be able to filter through a collection of SVG files through a slicer. Please let me know. Thanks !

There is not further information. I guess, it can't be possible.

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I have also the same problematic. It's not allowed to load an image.svg depending on a slicer.

Did you resolve the problem ?


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Super User

Should be possible, you could just create a table with the SVG code and then have a measure that references the table and set that measure to be an "Image URL" I believe. 


Check out the SVG Quick Measures here:


Also, if anyone can answer this, @Phil_Seamark should be able to, he has done some aMAZEing things with DAX and SVG.

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Thank you for the information, I have searched through the documentation and have not found a solution as of yet. I was hoping it was simple like changing the JPG image based on the number, but I cannot get the SVG to render by using Synoptic or IMG custom visual in Desktop.


I will keep searching and update as I learn more!

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