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Calculation derived from measure

I am new to PowerBI, and so far, I'm not a big fan. I am struggling with a particular project I'm working on for a client. The client is a university that wants to aggregate data by the enrollment status of students (i.e. full-time or part-time). The caveat is that this needs to be done on a running total of credit hours for each week of registration. I believe I have the running total calculating, but I need to be able to set the enrollment status for that week based on the running total. Additionally, the number of credit hours used to define the status varies based on whether the student is an undergraduate or graduate. Full-time for undergraduates would be 12 or more credit hours and 6 or more credit hours for graduates. I want a table similar to this:


Student IDLevelWeekRunning Credit HoursEnrollment Status


I find it extremely difficult to get the running credit hours measure to display in a column, and also to simply refer to the running total for that row to see what the enrollment status should be. The condition would be

IF([Level]="UG",IF([Running Credit Hours]>=12,"FT","PT"),IF([Running Credit Hours]>=6,"FT","PT"))

I tried using this in a new column, but it did not work. How would I go about building this?


here is another tutorial specifically for running totals calculation

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when you add a new column in power bi, your formula only sees the current row by default, so you need to use a CALCULATE functin and a filter claus to open up your table so as you are looking at the current row, you can also see all the rows before.  


unrortunately, this is not easy for a beginner to do, maybe this link can help you with understanding of how to see more than one row in the table as you add a new column:


Thank you @andre, that gets me closer to what I need. I am now able to see the correct enrollment status per week. Now my next conundrum is how to then pivot on that FT/PT value. The client wants to see the number of students and the credit hours broken out by FT and PT.


This pivot should have 4 columns with count and total credits for FT and the same for PT.

If I try to add the FT/PT calculation to the pivot table columns, it won't let me. I can only add it as a Value.

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You need to use this matrix 



then place school in rows 

ft/pt istatus in columns

and then your measures in values. 

this should give you the 4 columns your looking for 


Yes, but unfortunately, FT/PT is a calculation derived from the running total, and as such, cannot be used in columns. That is my conundrum. I need to be able to break out the headcount and credit hours into separate columns for FT and PT.

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if your its in a calculated column it will work 


if you send me a sample i can whip it together

here is another tutorial specifically for running totals calculation

Thank you @andre! That did it! 

no worries, glad it helped

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