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Calculating a percentage based off the total number of claims per group



Hello, I have a data table that contains a ton of data of which I want to calculate a percentage of total claims per group. My end result is to be able to show 2% of all claims that were processed for each group. So, you will have different total claims processed totals for each group and I want to be able to show what 2% of each groups total processed claim total is.


In the example above. You can see how many claims were processed for a group, and then 2% of the total claims number is for those groups. I am looking for something that will only pull randomly 2% of claims from the pool of total processed claims for each group. I have been messing around with the =RAND formula in hopes that I could have it pull randomly 2% of the total claims, but I am not getting something right with that.


I have created a new Index Column for the data table, referenced the data table that I want the unique value to come from. I then added a New Measure with the formula Random Claims = RAND()  and then added the index and the random claims measure to a table and used the Top N filter to show Random Claims under the Index visual. 


This alters my numbers, but does not give me 2% of total claims processed. Am I missing something, or am I way over complicating things?


Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.




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Re: Calculating a percentage based off the total number of claims per group

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Helper I

Re: Calculating a percentage based off the total number of claims per group

Random Claims Question.JPG


Just to try and explain this a little clearer. I have a data set that contains all claims processed for all groups. The above graph shows an output from Power BI that shows me the group name, the total number of claims processed for that group, and than a formula I entered in power bi to give me the 2% count off the total claims processed. What I am hoping to do, is come up with a way within Power BI that will only pull the amount of claims needed to be audited (2% of Claims column). So for Group A, it would only pull 211 claims, for Group B it would pull 111 claims and so on. 


Is this even possible? If more data / examples are needed, please let me know. I am hopeful that someone out there gets what I am trying to accomplish and can offer some guidance. 


Thank you again

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