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Calculating Total of SUMX


I'm having some issues using SUMX in a table. I am using the following calculation:


SUMX(FILTER('Table1', [Date]>MAX(Sales[Reporting_Week])),[Value])


This works on a row by row basis for each country in a table, but the grand total picks the max week of any country, then does the calculation from that (so doesn't equal the sum of all the rows).

Is there a way I can work around this?


Thank you for any help,



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Re: Calculating Total of SUMX

Hi @ColinPelham

Can you share the pbix? That would be helpful. Otherwise explain a bit more what tables of your model are involved in the issue at hand. Use the table name in columns names as well to make the code clearer as in TableName[ColumnName] rather than just [ColumnName]. Is [Value] a measure?

From what you say it might be an issue with (lack of) context transition but it's hard to tell with the info provided.