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Calculating The Number of Orders Per Day


 I am using the Adventure Works 2020 Data Model. I have included a simplified example of the tables.


I would like to create a measure that would allow me to display the number of orders per day or other period specified in a chart.  I have been able to create a table using the following DAX code:


TestTable = SUMMARIZE(Sales, 'Date'[Date], "Number of Orders" ,DISTINCTCOUNT('Sales Order'[Sales Order]))


but I am having trouble getting to returing a single value required for a measure in a chart. 


Thanks in advance.





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Super User

The best solution is reshape the input data to 1 calendar dimension table and 1 fact sales table using PowerQuery.
Then the DAX is easy. Howvere ,if you want or need to do it the hard way .... 


Create 2 new measures


Sales indicator =
// This will return 1 if the selected period (year/month) has any sales records
// we use ISEMPTY with a NOT because it is more efficient than counting lots of records
// then use INT to transform true/false to an integer because boolean variables cant be used in the Filters pane
Orders with sales =
// get a subset of records that are in your context (eg year/month) 
// then count the orders in the subset
mysubset = FILTER('Sales Order',[Sales indicator] = 1)
DISTINCTCOUNT('Sales Order'[Sales Order]),
mysubset )
Create and check a report with ...
year, month and [Orders with sales]
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Community Champion

HI @BIstudent 

It looks like you have made a mistake in the name of the Table "Dates"



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@BIstudent  in this case, you could have created a simple measure like below and then it will accordingly will show the data as per time period selected (year, month, week, day etc.) in your visual


Orders_daily = distinctcount(sales_order)


let me know if i am missing something here. 

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