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Helper III
Helper III

Calculating Depreciation in DAX

I'm having a rough time doing something fairly simple, or at least I'd think it was simple. 

I simply need to see the value of products reduce monthly in a pivot table. I want to see that value reduce until it hits 0. I have different products and product families that I want as my rows on a pivot table and the dates as the columns but I can't seem to figure this out for whatever reason.


Can someone provide some general DAX help for this? My depreciation is linear and essentially based on "Value - (Residual Value/Lifespan)


Let me know if more information is needed. I feel dumb asking this as it should be a simple fix.


Helper III
Helper III

Thanks so much to all who checked in. I actually solved the answer by scouring the internet. Turns out it was turning those basic tables into a fleshed out table through PowerQuery and then it was pretty quick with a couple of DAX formulas after.


This wasn't the exact situation but the same logic applies. Leaving this link here in case anyone ever needs it!


The link can not be openned.

Could you pls. share some details on the logic and dax formula?


Super User I
Super User I

Is this what you had in mind?   If so, i'll add more details, I took a table of Description, Start Month, & # of Month to LIST all months per Item, and calculate the remaining value each month until them item zeros out.  



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Hello, I would like to see your solution if possible? I have the same issue, but also trying to figure out one more problem on top of the depriciation, which is how much is the depreciation in the last year before going to 0.


Kind regards,

Resolver III
Resolver III

Are you able to share your table? Does your table contain the depreciation amount, or are you hoping for the DAX to calculate it for you?

Annotation 2020-02-04 081847.png


Here it is. Setting the depreciation value as standard value - ((1-resid.)/(useful)


I've been then using the depreciation value and dividing by 12 months to get a monthly total but not sure if I should be doing that.

Helper III
Helper III


Any help on this, please? Been trying variations all day. I basically just need to show a repeating deprecation value between (Start Date) and (End Date).

Please help

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