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Re: Calculated table edit queries option not availalbe


Out of curiousity how do you build a similar table in M? I have a similar situation where I've created a table with DAX and on my to-do list is to rebuild as suggested. 

Is there an easy way to create an M formula or would I have to use the Query Editor interface to transform my original table again? 

My DAX is:

Unique AM2 = 
            [Order ID]
       "Word Count", CALCULATE(MAX('AM2'[Word Count])),
       "Fee", CALCULATE(MAX('AM2'[Academic Fee])),
       "First Date", CALCULATE(MIN('AM2'[Assigned Date])) 


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Super User

Re: Calculated table edit queries option not availalbe

There is no translator available at the moment who would automatically translate DAX-statements to M. So you would have to do it in the query editor.


In this case it is just one dialogue: Group by (check Order ID to group by and the other cols as new cols with their respective aggregation operations (MAX, MIN).

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