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COUNTIF in DAX going haywire?

Hey folks. Have been bashing my brain on a problem and tried multiple help posts' solutions to no avail.

I've have a fairly chunky set of data from a quiz (600k+ rows).


Each question has a [questionID] so we know which question is which.

Each user that takes the test has a [userID].

If they get a question right [answer-score] column is 1. If they get a question wrong [answer-score] column is 0.


I want to get:


a) a total of all questions answered (easy enough - a COUNT of all [answer-score]

b) a total of all questions answered wrong

c) a total of all questions answered right


It's the last two that are foxing me.


So far I have: created a new 'measure' thus:


(COUNT('public test_records'[answer_score]),'public test_records'[answer_score]=0)


That didn't work. I got, randomly... "33" as the answer. From 600k+ rows of data? Unlikely... even plain wrong (I counted more than that myself). Smiley Very Happy

So I tried: 

Right = CALCULATE(COUNT('test_records'[answer_score]),
FILTER('production test_records','production test_records'[answer_score]=1))

That gave me "50". Nice round number but again... "what the?"

Close to gnawing my keyboard. Grateful for any help. What am I missing? Oh for Excel and COUNTIF! Smiley LOL

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Re: COUNTIF in DAX going haywire?

Don't think I've ever used count, I'd just use countrows here. Make a measure Answered similar to your first one for your all questions bit, then for each of your right/wrong things, make a measure Right= calculate([Answered],[answer-score]=1) and similar for wrong answers

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Super User IV

Re: COUNTIF in DAX going haywire?

Sample data would assist tremendously. Are you sure there is no other context filters going on that would make the measure end up with those numbers?


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