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Iam looking to calculate salaries after bonuses have been allocated.

Bonuses must be defined by the final user in power BI.

For this, I generated a series of 0 to 20% that I want to assign to each employee and then use a slicer to define the bonus that I want to assign to each employee.

The slicer must only act on the line of the employee in question (how to do ? ).

once defined, the new salary including the bonus must be calculated automatically.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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Super User

Hi, @BEN501,


If you have a small number of employees, it can be done in Power BI directly. For a larger number of employees, you would need to employ power apps. Either using just an power app, or embedd a power app in your power bi report.

It is unclear what you mean by final user. If you mean you are the only one allowed to adjust the slicers, while other users should see the same report, but not be able to use the slices, you would have to use object lever security. But it will not be pretty, the other users will get a box saying the visual is broken.


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@sturlaws Hey thank you for the reply!

would you please implement the solution using power automate in power BI that i can see how it works. You can do it for 2 or 3 persons and share the result with me please ?


The use case is: As an "HR manager" user, I must be able, from the BI report, to select/define the Bonus percentage for each employee and to see calculated automatically the new salary/employee integrating the bonus in order to be able to follow the budgetary bonus envelopes and payroll.


The case will cover 200 to 300 employee. So the solution has to be handled automatically via a function.




For that many users it is not doable, as you would have to create a slicer for each user, and it won't be dynamic

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