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itylergarrett Frequent Visitor
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Business Intelligence - Power BI Best Practices

Hello all! This is my first post Smiley Happy Heart


Long time BI consultant here. 

Are there any go-to community leaders?

Posts that have that one solution that every report uses?

Or maybe just a blog you highly recommend I can visit and learn?

"I wish someone showed me that trick before I spent X hours doing that"

Anything along those lines, you know exactly what I mean.... The crud you accidentally found on page 5 google...


I really appreciate any assistance. If you have your own personal videos or blogs, please - I'm asking for you to paste those here (don't feel weird about posting your website - I'm asking for it!) - I would really enjoy being able to see your work - tutorials - walk-throughs - etc!


I've worked my way through nearly every BI tool, founded BI consultancies, and a huge data nerd! Do you know what the best place to learn Power BI?


I'm looking to learn more about Power BI, as some new client business intelligence leads are interested in hearing about it, and after 6 or 7 years in the community at Tableau, I knew I should start here. 


If you would be so kind as to paste that one click through you use on your favorites - I'm a vanilla slate with 9+ years of data experience and I'm eager to learn the product if it helps clients or myself save time, money, hassle, support, etc.


I've come from SAP BOBJ suite to the Tableau Suite and a slew of other ETL products. What would you recommend for someone who wants to go grind and learn the product?



Tyler G

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Super User

Re: Business Intelligence - Power BI Best Practices

Hi Tyler,

I've listed some learning resources here: 

which should get you started. Just follow your nose from there, as it is really dependent of your interests and learning preferences.

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Imke Feldmann

How to integrate M-code into your solution -- Check out more PBI- learning resources here -- Performance Tipps for M-queries