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Blank( ) in Card/Multi-row Card

Is there an easier way to output 0 instead of blank in a card / multi-row card


I've been using => IF ( ISBLANK (expression), 0, expression )


Is there any way to avoid repeating the expressions?


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I have the same challenge.


I can't see why count of nothing should be (blank), as opposed to 0.


Anyone know of a card-like visual that displays 0's rather than (blank) without the need to create additional measures?



Hi @caitken


I just add +0 in each measure expression that might be shown as (Blank) in a card visual, no need to create 'additional' measures?



Hi @Matt_Alexander

I'd like to be able to do it without creating any measures.
Best Wishes,


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Have you figured out how to do this without creating measures? 

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I have the same problem. Could someone please help me how to solve it with the +0 resolution ?


I have a card counting total number of tickets in first column. when i select specific names in slicer it shows (blank) instead of 0. I understand i need to create measure, but what do i do when the measure is created ? how can i use it ?


if the corrent formula is measure = expression + 0


what should be under expression if the card is counting total number if tickets in column A ? sum(table(columnA)) ? and when the measure is created how can i apply it to the card ?


thank you

Hi @Anonymous


That's correct, just add +0 after the expression. 


If your table(column A) contains counts of tickets then your formula expression should be OK. 


If each row is for a different ticket you could also use countrows(table)+0. 


Not sure if that helps. 



Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Little simpler, but you still have to repeat the expression IF ( [Measure], [Measure], 0 )

Austin is VP Operations at PowerPivotPro and a professional self-service enthusiast 🙂

I'd also be interested in how to remove (Blank)


This is made up of individual Card vizulisations and i have lutiple different revenue and count cards over my report that i would need to create a measure for to remove (Blank) Is there a way to create a report level filter or at least page level filter that changes this to some relevant '0' or '-' . 






Have you tried doing a 'replace' in your query editor, see image below. If you right click on the column and replace null with 0, this may resolve your issue.


Let me know how you get on.






replace nulls.JPG



Great reply, thanks. This would mean that for every card on a dashboard where I do not want to see "BLANK" - I need to create a new measure and apply this IF. Is that correct? Or is there some way to have this act as a global setting?


Best, and thanks again.



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