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Bing Maps Highlighting Wrong County

Bing maps in Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service cannot seem to correctly identify "Lake, IN", which is a county in the state of Indiana, USA. Every other county in Indiana is correctly identified, but with Lake county, Power BI incorrectly highlights Cook county, Illinois.


Geographic columns are categorized correctly, with the combined county and state column (Lake, IN) categorized as county. 


Here's a screenshot of "Lake, IN" appearing as Cook county, Illinois.



Below are county maps showing Lake county, Indiana and Cook county, Illinois:




Below is a side by side comparison of a Bing map (Left) and an Esri map (Right) with identical data. The Esri map highlights Lake county, Indiana correctly. 



I've tried numerous combinations (Spelling out Indiana instead of IN, adding the word county, etc.), and I have been unable to get Bing maps within Power BI to correctly identify this county. I then thought that maybe Bing Maps could be the problem, but if you search "Lake, IN" in Bing Maps in a browser, it returns the correct result.


I've created a small sample Power BI Desktop file that demonstrates the issue. You can download it here -


Hi @Anonymous,


I got feedback from the Product Team:


FYI, I had this reply from Bing team: 

For the Lake County, IN issue, looks like it is a data bug and our Geocoding backend team is pushing the data team to get a fix for this.

Until then the user can try the workaround I suggested.


There is a workaround for this though which you can suggest - provide lat/long for locations Bing is wrong about. I've attached "With lat long.pbix" that shows how this is done. But basically, add Latitude and Longitude columns and enter values for some locations (Lake County in the file is 41.44,-87.38) but not for others that Bing gets right. In the map set Location, Latitude and Longitude roles (use Average for Lat and Long) and make sure to turn on "Show items with no data" in the Location role (this is on the dropdown menu for that role).





I'm having the same problem with the map. I'm trying to point NY state counties. The map works fine when it's a boundary map. But when I want to use the point map with size and color, it kept marking counties weirdly. For example, Monroe, NY, which is very up north in NY got marked almost down to NY city.


I'm using Arc GIS. The column I'm putting into Location is formated as 'County, State', Eg. Livingston, NY.


I wonder if this is because of the same bug. And if there is any alternative solution (other than using lat and long, since it would make the tooltip looks confusing).



Using the suggested workaround is okay to a point. However, as soon as I add a field to "Legend", it will only display counties with Lat & Long. If I select "Show items with no data" for both Location and Legend fields, no counties are displayed.


The visual I'm creating is not very useful without use of the Legend field, and I don't want to try to get a Lat & Long for the 500+ counties I'm using.


How is correcting the Lake County data on your end fixed already? This post is almost a month old.


Hi @Anonymous,


Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have reproduced the same issue with the latest version of Power BI Desktop(2.54.4970.761 64-bit (January 2018)) on my environment. I'll report this issue internally and post back if there's any feedback. Smiley Happy



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