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sure19 Regular Visitor
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Average shows wrong totals

Dear Sir, I have done a report which shows the average of the rows and average of the column, the rows average shows correct figure while the column average shows wrong figure

v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: Average shows wrong totals



There may be something wrong with your average measure. You need to post some sample data and your DAX formula to figure out the problem.


Best Regards,


GabrieleVLN Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Average shows wrong totals

Hello guys,


I have a similar problem with my total column average. I was trying to insert a screenshot from Snipping tool, but it doesn't seem to be working...


I have the following values of Data Type: Decimal Number; Format: Percentage; Default Summarization: Average;


Count    Value   Week

1            43%     10/04/2015

1            43%     11/01/2015

1            43%     11/15/2015

1            43%     11/22/2015

1            43%     12/06/2015

2            40%     12/13/2015


I expect the total average for these weeks (i.e. 2015 Q4) to be 42.14%. However, my Power BI matrix table shows 40%.


How can I fix this? There are no 0 values in the datasource (seemed to be a problem for other people with similar problem). This is also not a result of incomplete data for Q4 because in that case the average shown by Power BI would be 19.62%. Can it be related to the fact that the Week is coming from a separate Date table I created myself rather than from the main datasource? 


Your help and insigts are much appreciated!