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Average selected data (Athletes' performances)

Hi there,

I have a list of athletes, events and performances and I would like to average the performances of each athlete in a specific event. The following is an example of the dataset:

ABELCAN323.25FinalWomen 10m Springboard
ABELCAN347.15FinalWomen 10m Springboard
ABELCAN338.35FinalWomen 10m Springboard
ABELCAN316.95FinalWomen 3m Springboard
ABELCAN286.5FinalWomen 3m Springboard
AUFFRETFRA486.3FinalWomen 10m Springboard
AUFFRETFRA491.25FinalWomen 10m Springboard
AUFFRETFRA493.4FinalWomen 10m Springboard


For example, I would like to average athlete's performances in Women 10m Springboard only. In the case of ABEL (Average[323.25, 347.15, 338.35]) and AUFFRET (Average[486.3, 491.25, 493.4]) and do the same with all the athletes participating in that specific event... Is there a way (DAX) to do this?

Thank you


Hi @Flotenva, looks like you are missing the ALL line from my code example.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Short answer is yes.  How you do it will depend on your overall approach.


A simple example would be a Dax measure that is simply "=Average(Table[Field])"  (where Table and Field is the field in your table you wish to average).  Place that formula on a card and add in 2 slicers.  1 slicer to pick the event and the other to pick the athlete.



If you wanted to get DAX to do all of it, you would use CALCULATE and you could set that in the formula.  You would need to figure out how DAX will learn of your selection, but if you give us some more details i'm sure we could advise.

Thanks Ross,

Calculating the average is just an example...

My main concern is to know if it is possible to use a DAX to do calculations on a specific dataset when values in 2 columns are the same. For example, doing average on a dataset when value in COLUMN1 and COLUMN2 coincide.


Athlete A - Event A - 10.0

Athlete A - Event A - 10.5

Athlete A - Event A - 11

Athlete A - Event B - 0

Athlete A - Event B - 0.5

Athlete A - Event B - 1


In this case, I would like to be able to calculate the average for Athlete A in Event A [10.0, 10.5, 11] = 10.5 and

calculate average for Athlete A in event B [0, 0.5, 1] = 0.5

But I said, average is just an example... in the future I would like to Normalize the performance Score according to previous performances..

I think i get what you are after.  You would need to use the "Create Column" and try something like this:

AveragePerformance = Calculate(
	'Table'[Event] = EARLIER('Table'[Event]),
	'Table'[Name] = EARLIER('Table'[Name])

I hope that might create what you are chasing.


Hi Ross,

I have done what you suggested:



AVERAGE('Athletics (ParseHub)'[Mark]),

'Athletics (ParseHub)'[Name]=EARLIER('Athletics (ParseHub)'[Name]),

'Athletics (ParseHub)'[Event]=EARLIER('Athletics (ParseHub)'[Event])



But I'm getting exactly the same value as in the column [Mark]...

Hi @Flotenva, looks like you are missing the ALL line from my code example.

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Thank you so much!!

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