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Average of Prior Weeks based on Location


I am trying to calculate the average of the 4 previous weeks based on the location.


Then I want to take that average and get the difference for the current week.


the % of increase is the Difference of Avg/Avg of prior weeks. This is the end goal but I am currently stuck trying to tget the averages for the different llocations.


Any direction with this would be helpful!



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @smireles ,

Did I answer your question ? Please mark my reply as solution. Thank you very much.

If not, please upload some insensitive data samples and expected output.


Best Regards,

Eyelyn Qin

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @smireles ,

According to my understanding, you want to calculate the average of prior weeks ,the difference and the % of increase based on current week , right?


You could use the following formula:


avg of priod weeks =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/03/2020] ) + SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/10/2020] )
        + SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/17/2020] )
        + SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/24/2020] )
) / 4
Difference of Avg & current week =
SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/31/2020] ) - [avg of priod weeks]
% increase =
SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Priod'[07/31/2020] ) / [avg of priod weeks] – 1
Column =
[Difference of Avg & current week] / [avg of priod weeks]


My visualization looks like this:


Is the result what you want?Hope to reply to me.Thanks~


Best Regards,

Eyelyn Qin

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

here is a tutorial that walks you through all the steps to calculate the average of prior weeks and also gives you an option for selecting how many weeks to compare

if you would like to practice, you can download the tutorial materials here:

Super User
Super User

Define "prior"  - are these the previous four weeks, or the previous four entries which may have week gaps between them?


In the first case you can do simple date math (day - 28, for example), but in the second case you are looking at TOPN(4) with the appropriate date filter.

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