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ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview) Discussion

Since we announced ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview), we've been getting a lot of great questions and positive feedback.


Let's use this thread for a discussion of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, including any issues you might encounter when using the feature.


You can now use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI feature in the September release of Power BI Desktop. Remeber to enable it in the options menu.


You can find documentation here:


Some have asked for features:


A) Sign in to ArcGIS Online; it's on the road map ... vote for this idea to keep updated

B) Shapefile support ... use the ShapeMap visual


Known Issues:

Starting Monday 2/14/2017 you may receive an error when opening Power BI desktop when you have enabled ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (preview).  Please review this thread for further details. The workaround for this issue is documented here.

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Ok thanks. If you can send me a private message with the email address you submitted the frown with, I can look into what the issue is. In time, the ArcGIS Maps visual will exit preview and will be available without the need to enable it as a preview feature.
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@scottball a couple of quick questions about what data goes where


1) Are the ESRI servers all in the US?

2) What gets sent from PBI to ESRI? Is it just the geocoding data or is there other data for the visual sent?

3) What gets send to PBI from ESRI? Is it just the map and geocoded location?


I have a very data sovereignty sensitive customer on my hands...


Cheers, James

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Is anyone having problems getting the Symbol styles settings to stay? I've got a date filter filtering my data on the side to filter a heatmap using this visual. As i filter through it the Layer transparency set back to their default values (0%) instead of retaining the value i've selected. Area of influence will stay the value I selected though.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Suggestions for improvements:


  1. Retain zoom level when cross-filtering from another chart. 
  2. Add tooltips.
  3. Allow customization of color schemes for dots. 
  4. Free-draw/polygon select (in addition to box-select that is there now).
  5. Up the limit for displaying non-lat/long locations--1500 isn't near enough. 

@chrisu - thanks for the suggestions! Some of those are in the works, and we'll look into the others. Regarding #5 - the 1500 limit is only for locations that go to the Esri World Geocoding Service. You'll be able to tell these apart because they come back as points. Locations that come back as polygons (such as states, ZIP codes, countries, etc.) are processed through the Esri geoenrichment services and have a higher limit. 


@sjahta - this is a known issue that we are tracking. Should be fixed soon. Thanks for passing it along!

The big issue that is stopping us from adopting these maps is that the tooltips do not go past the edge of the visual. This functionality works fine with the standard maps. Is this as issue that is being worked on @scottball? We also have an issue with someone being able to export our Lat and Long data that is our IP. Whilst there is the blunt tool to be able to prevent this on the service there is no way to be able ot stop this in PBI Embeded. Is there any way that you are able to provide control over the Exporrt Data function for this visual?


Thank you.

@dcresp - ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is a special custom visual, but alas - we are still a custom visual. Only native visuals allow tooltips outside of their sandboxed windows. We are working to make the tooltips smarter so they don't extend into unviewable areas, which should help the issue somewhat.


Regarding the export option - that's something we'll have to look into. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks for the feedback @scottball. The tooltips one is an issue as limited space on a page means that often a map does not take up a large part of a page so anything that can be done on this would help. 


As you can imagine we are not at all happy with the idea that an external user that we give access to a dashboad can download potentially thousands of lat longs that have taken us a huge investment to build up. We have a general issue with the lack of control over the Export Data function within Power BI but it is a particuarly large issue when it comes to mapping. It has been posted as an idea but does not seem to have got anyfeedback from Microsoft @lukaszp are you able to shed any light on this one?

@dcresp wanted to understand your scenario some more. Could you clarify how you are sharing the reports with your users? Are you thinking of the external sharing scenario, publish to web etc.? Can you send the link to the idea you're referring to?

I at the moment, i would only share the report via a dashboard in PowerBi as the Sharing via publishing via web has no security. eo esentially is you publish suing the embeded code - this getnberates a link you can add it via an iframe ...

.  If you copy that link back into any browser .. anyone could access that link with no security. so not convinced with Publish via web

unless anyone has some good ways of sharing this link usind some security 😞




Power BI has a secure external sharing feature you should use:

Thank you for the link. I have been using this approach and it works well where i ahve shared dahashoards to specific users and have links withith thoer Intranet page -  however We have our Intranet Web site for the orgainisation , and there is some information that need to be seen by certrain users of the orgabisation(Prime stakeholders). In or for them to have the seemless look and feel that thay are still on the Intrenal site and have access to Some reports/ dashboards, I used the embeded codes to embed them witin an Iframe. Now with this approach , its not really safe as its an open link. If anyone get hold of that link - They wll have accecss to the report.

Now if with the single  sign ( this is enabled in our organisation)  with option ADFS that authenticates them once they have logged on to the internal network , then the Embeded information witin the IFrame should appear. else no access.  somehow wif we could pass the login details within the embeded codes this might be an answer.

This way the stakeholders are still withnin the Intranet site with all data secure as its available via theri logon credentials.


Any thoughts ?


Kind Regards






Ok I see, this isn't really related to ArcGIS it's just a general question then. Suggest you start a new thread if you have addition queries on this topic. In the meantime, take a look at That should point you in the right direction.

Yep sure .. i was thinking of this while typing the message that i should take it out of ArcGis.


Will do so.


Yep sure .. i was thinking of this while typing the message that i should take it out of ArcGis.


Will do so.


@scottball is mapping based on boundaries coming for countries outside of the US soon? Also will we be able to map on boundaries other than zip / post codes. It would be good if we could map on suburb boundaries as this is somthing that the native mapping does not allow for in Australia. 

@dcresp we are working on the boundary issue. We want to provide a really nice experience and right now it's not up to our standards. The intent is absolutely to provide worldwide standard geographic boundaries. We'll have it out as soon as we can.

I've created a ArcGIS map visual using an on-premise data source. It displays correctly in PBI desktop but on the web service it just appears blank. Is this still being developed or is there some way I can fix this? Do you need a pro license (I'm on a free license at the moment)?

Hey @jfancke and others who have been asking for ArcGIS Maps for Power BI in the service - good news:

Perfect timing! I was wondering why the maps I had put up suddenly started appearing, fantastic! I know work on the mobile apps is still in progress, but I've noticed that the Win10 UWP app seems to be hit or miss with the ESRI maps --- sometimes showing up and sometimes not (at the moment it seems to not show up, but a couple of days ago it did). 


Anyway, great work and keep it up!

We're working to get the ArcGIS Maps into our mobile apps. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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