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I created a report using ArcGIS visual and post codes, set the location to single UK and changed post code data column to data category 'postal code'. Its been working great for last month.


Last few days the ArcGIS visual seems to have been updated and now I get "accuracy of your locations can be improved", usual this is displayed when you have not chosen single location in the location type.


Whats happened to the visual in the last week and does anyone know how to remove the notifications from the map that comes up everytime I change a filter on the report ?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we'll take a look at adjusting this in a future patch or release.

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- I am having the same issue where every slicer action causes the same notification to appear repeatedly.

- This causes the visualization to be needlessly covered with notifications.

- Only the red notification in the screenshot is of value.  The yellow notification has no value.


1) Is there a way to turn off specific notifications?  So far I have not been able to find a way to do this.

2) Is there a webpage we can check to know when ArcGIS pushes out releases & also provides updates on resolution for issues like this?  This is not the first time that I have been unaware of ArcGIS pushing out an update that broke a PBI map visualization.










WOW those are some AGGRESSIVE messages!


We haven't made any changes since the last significant update in late august/early september. That said we did relax the messages in an update that we're handing off and hope to have in production soon. You cannot completely turn them off, but that's something we can start to review. We want to be informative, but with the screenshot you posted it seems like we're a bit out of line. 


We do post a blog on each release and you can follow along here


If you have any direct questions or comments, you can always email me astauffer (at)



Hello astauffer,


1) Thanks very much regarding the update in December.

2) My sincere apologies if my message came across in an aggressive manner.  This was not my intent at all.  I was simply trying to communicate the issue, and ask if there is a website that shares information on ArcGIS updates & tracking of issues.  Hopefully this makes sense.


Again, thanks for all your help.


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Seems to be multiple issues with ARC GIS after their update.  The map seems more responsive... but we keep getting random messages about not being able to render the map layer... then when it does work the symbology defaults to some awful color.  Also, I am noticing that map filtering no longer works correctly.  I have a map of US counties, I click on Monroe, NY and all the rest of the page filters to Mahoning, OH... Every county is wrong when filtering.

These issues should be fixed in the pending update... we're hoping it hits production on December 1st, but it could be the 8th.

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1. numerous messages

2. tool tip off screen

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They are displayed ok and in the right places, the map also is clear. The message however repeats for each refresh of a filter and covers the screen. Also the Tips Tool window half appears off the screen so can't be read, it doesn't size the window properly.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we'll take a look at adjusting this in a future patch or release.

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Helper I
Helper I



The latest update just rolled out on August 31st. We have heard of a few issues reported and will take a look at this for a patch. Do the polygons render as expected and you still get the message, or do they show up as points or disfigured polygons?




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