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April 2016 Update - Formatting Options

Hello PBI Team!


I think all of us were very happy to see the new Formatting options.


However as you keep adding new features its getting tougher to access all of them. (we are getting scroll bars within scroll bars)


Any chance you can move them to Contextual Tabs in the Ribbon?


If anyone likes this please Vote here...




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Re: April 2016 Update - Formatting Options

@deldersveldI was just looking at @marcorusso 's twitter page and saw your post from Dec 19

Verry Happy to see someone bringing attention to this on Twitter! (Amir Netz is 100% right btw Smiley Very Happy )


As you can see I had a similar Idea back in April 2016 (long before Bookmarks etc..)

I'm including @MattAllington hoping he can have the same success generating support for this Idea as he did for the

Tooltips for button visuals


Also @ImkeF @OwenAuger @Phil_Seamark 


Regardless of which Idea you guys decide to support (hopefully the moderators can combine them) 

something has to be done unless we all get new screens from Amir Netz Smiley Very Happy


Thank you ALL! Smiley Happy