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Applying query changes is very slow - Oracle datasource

Hello everyone.


Please help!!


I am a newbie to Power BI and hoping to get some help here. I tried a couple of options for my problem as read in community forums but can't get it resolved.


I am trying to connect to an Oracle database through the Power BI desktop (version 2.74.5619.862 64-bit) and trying to load 1million records, which is valid and can't reduce the data set. I haven't progressed any far other than just loading and transforming the data at this stage( one date transformation step).


The issue is when I apply one small step via query editor it is taking hours (~5 hours) to apply the change in the query editor, is this a valid limitation and can't be resolved even with a premium account or is there any adjustments to the settings that can be done to overcome or reduce this time. I am really concerned about how the performance will be going forwards in using the Query editor with this dataset.


I have used Tableau to check the network speed limitation criteria and it is loading the data in less than minutes, so I don't think it is a limitation of the network.



I tried a couple of options like


1. Unchecking the preview download option in Data load

2. Changing privacy setting to Organizational

3. The auto time intelligence function is turned off.


Any help is very much appreciated.







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@Nadi_123 - One troubleshooting step is to check the memory and CPU usage on your machine. Please let us know whether one of those is an issue.

@Anonymous  - I tried the troubleshooting option, does the below looks like a huge usage? I have noticed the CPU usage varies up to 60% while I monitor the progress. I appreciate your time, thanks.



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@Nadi_123  - No, it appears that the RAM and CPU are fine. Can you do a trace to pick up what queries are running on the Oracle side and their performance? I'm not sure whether the date transformation will be sent to Oracle as part of the SQL query - "Query Folding".


@AnonymousThanks for responding. I am using a view to connect with Oracle data so will that matter from a performance perspective, I need to investigate if so. I will research a bit on query folding and see if that transformation step is slowing down the performance.

Thanks for the suggestions.



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