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gujames Frequent Visitor
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Append Tables Issue in Power BI

I'm having an issue when tryingto appending two tables together w/ a single reference category (In the below, the category is col1 -brand). I'd like for the resulting table to have only 1 col for all Lats, and 1 col for all Longs,  but it creates a new column for each of the seperate tab columns except the Brand column..


Any help with my issue below would be extremely helpful!


Data is broken out per the below:

Table 1: Brand Index

Col1 - Brand

Col2 - Index

Col3 - Latitude

Col4 - Longitude


Table 2: Brand Locations

Col1 - Brand

Col2 - Latitude

Col3 - Longitude


I'd like to merge the datasets so that the result shows:

Col1- Brand

Col2- Type (Index vs Location)

Col3- Index

Col4- Latitude

Col5- Longitude


But when I try to merge the datasets, or append them, I end up with two columns for Latitude and 2 columsn for Longitude. Any advise here would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Append Tables Issue in Power BI

Hi @gujames,

When appending queries the columns names need to be the same in both tables otherwise the append will create a column for each different name.

Be aware that if you have a space or a cap differende in the names of the columns the query editor will consider it a different column..


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