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Align Day and Date according to 1st Business Day of Each Month


I am stuck with the following problem.

I am trying to align daily app login stats according to the week of the login.


Example : 

Monday 3 Feb | Week 1 of February | 7 Login 

    would need to be compared to 

Monday 2 March | Week 1 of March | 5 Logins


And then all subsequent days would match according to the day of the week ie Tuesday 4 Feb vs Tuesday 3 March.


I am able to create a measure and/or column to identify the week no, the week no of the month, the 1st working day of the month, 1st Sunday or Monday of the month etc, but cannot incorporate this into a visual that matched accordingly.


Any guidance would be appreciated. 


Super User
Super User

Create a working day in calendar

Work Day


Then have new column like

Work day No = countx(filter(date,Date[Month year] = earlier(Date[Month year]) &&  Date[Date] <= earlier(Date[Date])),date[Work day])


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Thanks, appreciate the quick response. 


In your example :

What does [Work day] column hold ?

Month year is just a column : FORMAT('Date'[Date],"mmm yyyy") ?


I use the following measure to get the 1st Monday of the each month


Is 1st Monday =
VAR a = MIN('Date'[Date])
YEAR('Date'[Date]) = YEAR(a) &&
MONTH('Date'[Date]) = MONTH(a) &&
DAY([Date]) > 0 &&
DAY([Date]) < 8 &&
WEEKDAY([Date],2) = 1)


I can't upload file unfortunately as our network access does not allow for it

@eishman ,


Could you please paste some sample data and clarify more details about the expected result?



Jimmy Tao

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