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Adobe Analytics Connections & Scheduled Updates

I need to bring in data across multiple Adobe Analytics Reporting Suites from the Analytics API. My goals are to be able to connect all of the data I need to, have the data updated at the frequency I set it, and to be able to manipulate the data in Power BI Desktop, including combining it with other data sources.


The Content Path utilizes the Reporting API I know that will not solve the needs above.


I then tried to use Report Builder Requests to accomplish this. I set them all up to be scheduled, and although I saw the emails come through each day with the attached file, the Excel files I built to requests on did not update, and seemed to only update if manually refreshed. I had been doing it this way so I could connect to them directly from Power BI Desktop, do the manipulations needed, and then push the new, combined dataset, over to Power BI Service.


Once I realized the data was not actually updating, I saw that you can set the Report Builder requests to Publish directly to Power BI Service as datasets. I enabled this and was able to see that the scheduled requests were working properly. The datasets were all refreshing in Power BI Service as intended. However, I then tried to bring these datasets into Power BI Desktop since I need to do further manipulation on them. Turns out you can only pull in a single dataset from Service over to Desktop. It actually grays out the option to pull in ANY other data sources or datasets, not just those from Power BI Service. 


Does anyone know the best way to accomplish this? Did I miss something with the above methods? Or is there a better way to do this? If so, I would love to hear it!!