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Add a slicer, lose my dates.

There must be something fundamental that I do not get.  As I understand it:

If I add a slicer,  I am not changing anything.  I am not filtering, I am not changing, adding, or subtracting relationships.  The mere addition of a slicer should not change anything at all.


Now, if I modify the slicer with filters, or choose something on the slicer, then I would expect change.  What is really weird:

My report has lost it's dates.  So I remove the territory slicer, all my dates come back.  I recreate the territory slicer, I still have my dates.  I go to another report tab, and come back, THEN all my dates are gone from the report.


Under what circumstances would merely adding a slicer to a report trash that report?  Under what curcumstances would that trashing be delayed until leaving and returning to the report?



Super User
Super User

Re: Add a slicer, lose my dates.

You are correct in your confusion. That doesn't sound right at all and should not happen. Any chance you can post screen shots or post your PBIX file? What version of Desktop are you on?

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Re: Add a slicer, lose my dates.

I have been messing around with it quite a bit, and broken it in a different way which I will post.  I can't the PBIX, it is too much work to make it generic.


Now I have a Matrix whose Totals do not reflect what it is totalling, with the same field being the issue.


There must be some relationship betwen the two problems.


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Add a slicer, lose my dates.

Hi @psmith-nhs-inc,


It is hard to reproduce your issue and troubleshooting without sample file. Can you create a sample file with a part of data which can reproduce your issue?


In addition, you can active the "Edit interactions" button to turn on the interactions UI. Try to turn on/disable the interactions between the slicer with other visuals to help you find out where the issue is.





Xiaoxin Sheng

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