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jfernand Regular Visitor
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Add a new column to a summarized table

Hi, I'm struggling with an apparent simple problem. I have a summarized table "SA" that comes from a table "A" that has all the below columns except the highlighted one "Net Capacity".

The Net Capacity column comes from a table "B" and I'm able to include it in my report. 

Table "SA" 's objective is to be a "global" table, not impacted by filters but since "Net Capacity" comes from table "B" it is affected by filters. 

Problem: I want to be able to summarize "Net Capacity" from table "B" into my summarized table "SA" below so that it isn't impacted by filters. I have tried using different combinations of CALCULATE, SUMX, among other things but I didn't have any luck so far :/

I appreciate your feedback

1. without filter



2. with filter, notice how Net Capacity changes while "Total Utilizable Hours" remains the same

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Re: Add a new column to a summarized table

@jfernand not sure if i quite understand what you asking, but if you want any measure to be static in the face of filter context you need to use the all statement



totalcapacityall = calculate(sum(totalcapacity), all(tablename))

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jfernand Regular Visitor
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Re: Add a new column to a summarized table

Hi vanessa,

sorry, I'm not that great at explaining what I need and even worse in Power BI Smiley Happy


I have tried the solution you gave me but couldn't get the result I wanted unfortunately. see below. 

Formula used:

Net Capacity 2 Col = CALCULATE(
    SUM(ahsresschedule[Net Capacity]);
    ALL(ahsresschedule[Net Capacity])