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Add Row Percentage

I need to add a colomn  Matrix that calculate the percentage (%) of UNITs "ON MOVE":



I almost got it, the problem is that it calculate it for all the columns. 


How Can I Calculate the % of STATUS = ON MOVE by UNIT


I asume that it can be done using a measure, may be something like this: %OnMove= SUM(Inventory[STATUS1] = 'ON MOVE'/TOTAL by UNIT


I've been using PowerBI for less that 2 weeks, so please consider this in your response (asume I know nothing)


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Re: Add Row Percentage

@ewill_bdg You can create a measure, such as Measure = DIVIDE([ON MOVE],[Total Sum of Available]) then convert it to a % format by clicking the measure in the Fields list then going to the Modeling tab in the top left.

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Re: Add Row Percentage


The value for 'ON MOVE' cannot be determined. Either 'ON MOVE' doesn't exist, or there is no current row for a column named 'ON MOVE'


Same for: Total Sum of Available

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Re: Add Row Percentage

I've found this:


I removed all columns from VALUES and left only STATUS (ON MOVE, AVAILABLE, DAMAGE, etc.),

and tried: %Avail = [ON MOVE]/[TOTAL]


SLA Not Met % = [SLA Not Met] / [Total]

but for some reason, I receive an ERROR, "ON MOVE" is not a column.

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Re: Add Row Percentage

@ewill_bdgCreate a measure of the On Move Sum of Available. 

Sum of On Move Available = SUMX(On Move, Sum of Available)


I can't tell what Table the Total Sum Available is in or if that is a table itself. You may need to provide more code there, but I think you will then need to do


Divide([Sum of On Move Available],[Total Sum of Available])


You can then filter it by unit within your report

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Re: Add Row Percentage

This is how i have configured the Matrix:




Column: STATUS1


Values : SUM[STATUS1]

            COUNT[STATUS1]   show value as percentage row of total


I hope this helps.

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Re: Add Row Percentage



Yes that helps me understand a little more. 


You will do this Measure first. This should get the Sum of a Status. I am still a little confused on your fields so I just did a basic template. The table should be the table your status is in and column should be the status. The Table is what you called your data when you orignally loaded it into Power Bi. For example, the table is Sheet 1. The columns I have are Alphabet and Number. And the values are in Alphabet and Number. So if I wanted the Sum of letter a I would do 

Sum of Letter = CALCULATE (
COUNT (Sheet1[Alphabet]),Sheet1[Alphabet]="a")




Sum of On Move Available  = CALCULATE (
COUNT (Table[Coulmn]),Table[Coulmn]="value")


I think what you need to do next is create a second measure that finds the SUM of all avilable between all the different statuses. 

This would be 

CountValues = CALCULATE ( COUNT ( TableName ), TableName[ColumnName])


then you would do the divide.


Sum of % = DIVIDE([Sum of On Move Available],[Sum of All Available])


This would give you the % of only On Move. You could change up the first measure created per value.


I hope this helps!



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