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Shivi82 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Activate Power BI Pro


Hi All,


We have procured 3 power bi pro licneses but are facing a lot of challenge to activate it. 

I received a link from Microsoft Licensing as online administrator, while this page takes to activation page but that shows i do not have access.


Attaching screen shot for the error message below:

Error Power BI.PNG 


Shivi82 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

How to activate the POWER BI pro licenses

HI All,


We have recently purchased 3 Power BI Pro licenses unfortunately i am facing issues to activate it. 


I received email from Microsoft Licensing and it takes to a web page and ask to activate the product key , the name as "Power BI Pro Open". 

After clicking on that link, the message i get is "There was a problem processing". Error message as below:

You dont have permission to access this page or perform this action. 


Support Information:

Correlation Id:

sea#e9780ca8-859b-47fe-9383-698d173f04e2.Error Power BI.PNG








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Re: Activate Power BI Pro

You could check the Issues forum here:

And if it is not there, then you could post it.

If you have Pro account you could try to open a support ticket. If you have a Pro account it is free. Go to Scroll down and click "CREATE SUPPORT TICKET".

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