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Accesing the Power BI data cube

I would like to access the Power BI data model/cube (not sure if this is the right term). I would like to access the underlying data model, so that I get access to the measures and calculated models. We have Power BI Premium P1.


I can already do this when we use the analyze in excel option through .odc file. I have also accessed this data in R but I cannot make it work in the Power BI when I use the R Script option.


The script below works in the R Studio. It would be great if I can make this work in the Power BI because that would make accessing other reports easy and avoid duplication of work. The script below is from Microsoft.   




# Connect to a local SSAS default instance and the Analysis Services Tutorial database.
# For named instances, use server-name\\instancename, escaping the instance name delimiter.
# For databases containing multiple cubes, use the cube= parameter to specify which one to use.
cnnstr <- "Provider=MSOLAP;Integrated Security=ClaimsToken;
Persist Security Info=True;
Initial Catalog=*********************************;
Data Source=pbiazure://;MDX Compatibility=1;Safety Options=2;
MDX Missing Member Mode=Error;
Identity Provider=https://***************************,
**************************************;Update Isolation Level=2"
olapCnn <- OlapConnection(cnnstr)


# Approach 1 - build the mdx query in R
qry <- Query()

cube(qry) <- "Model"
#columns(qry) <- c("[Measures].[Internet Sales Count]", "[Measures].[Internet Sales-Sales Amount]")
#rows(qry) <- c("[Product].[Product Line].[Product Line].MEMBERS")
#slicers(qry) <- c("[Sales Territory].[Sales Territory Country].[Australia]")
#result1 <- executeMD(olapCnn, qry)


# Approach 2 - Submit a fully formed MDX query
mdx <- "SELECT { [Measures].[my_measure] } ON 0 ,
{ [Table].[dim].AllMembers } ON 1
FROM [Model] "

result2 <- execute2D(olapCnn, mdx)



The error I get when I run this script in Power BI is in the second image



Community Support
Community Support

Hi darshan, 

I am not familiar with R , I will discuss this with other engineers, I will inform you as soon as I get it. So if possible, could you please inform me the detailed error information? 

Best Regards,
Zoe Zhi

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Hi Zoe,


Thank you for the reply. I had attached an image but dont see it now. 

Anyway please see the image below

1st image is the input

2nd image is the error

r script olap  input.PNGr script olap  error.PNG

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