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4 tables with 3 slicer in relationship | dependence problem



need some help with the relationship between four tables and slicers.


Following situation: I have a large approx table with so following rows:




I have a content client Mapping table




And two tables for content and app informations:


1Content1link zu ContentImage1
9Content9link zu ContentImage9
27Content27link zu ContentImage27
31Content31link zu ContentImage31
39Content39link zu ContentImage39
43Content43link zu ContentImage43



1App1link zu AppImage1
2App2link zu AppImage2
3App3link zu AppImage3
4App4link zu AppImage4
5App5link zu AppImage5


Now i want to slice the approx table information with three slicers: 1. clientID 2. appID 3. contentID

And if ClientID selected over slicer 1. => Slice2 and 3 lists only the available appIDs and contentIDs which are available in the approx table.


I tried every combination of relationships between this 4 tables. Created new tables with unique ids and try to related to the other. But nothing works for me. I build the following relationship model:


approx n:1 contentInf (over contentID) (direction content -> approx)

approx n:1 appInf (over appID) (direction app -> approx))

approx n:n mapping (over clientID) (direction mapping -> approx))


In this case i can slice the approx information but the slicers has no relationship between each other.


Would be thankful for helping answers.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Power BI can make you pull your hair out sometimes.

I copied your samples into excel and then loaded them in power bi

i did not use your Map table since the relationships in power bi allow me to make the same mapping


i then created a report with 3 slicers ( the slicers are just table elements with one field from approx table dragged onto them) and one table... i wrote no code




When you select an appid, the other 2 slicers show the clientid and contentid values available for that app id. and the full table display shows all the candidate rows

if you select one of the 2 content ids available, the full table will only show that content row.

This all happens because if the relationships and how power bi hooks up the graphical elements. It gets me every time... i ALWAYS start out trying to do way to much work in code to make things work..... 🙂

I think this is what you were looking for...if not let me know and we'll have another go at it.

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Hi thanks,


thats good but i want that the slicer shows the app name, client name and content name, not the ids. So i have to merge the approx with the content and app table over the contentName, appName and put this new approx rows to the slicer? 




I tried your relationship model. And i have to clients: ABC and XYZ.  ABC has only the apps 1,2,4 and XYZ: 3,5. So if i select abc the slicer has to filter the apps which depends to the client. 


Client slicer: ABC

App slicers hast to show only:: 1,2,4

Content slicers has to show only: 9, 31, 39, 43


If i select

Client: ABC

App: 1

Content slivers hast to show only: 9,43





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