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12 Month Moving Sum

Hello, I have looked at multiple 12 month moving sum posts, but still havent been able to solve my problem. My Problem is that whenever I put in a 12 month moving sum formula, I get just the same number for all dates as seen below (far right). The following picture also shows one of my 12 month moving sums that I tried.




Here is the other formula I tried.




Here is the table that I am trying to do the 12 month moving sum on (it is a calculated table):




And here is my dim Date table for good measure (only use the MonthYear Column).




If anyone can help me make sense of where I am going wrong, that would be a great help. If you need anymore information, feel free to ask. Thank you!


Solved the problem by using the new quick measure tool!

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Share the link from where i can download your PBI file.  Show the expected result there.

Ashish Mathur



Here is a link to the PBIX file:


Here is a link to the expected results I want in an excel file:


Also, I would like to be able to use a dummy filter on the 12 month sum(specifically "new business" or not) and be able to add it in another measure. I will use it in this formula:


PolicyCount/(PreviousYearPolicyCount + Previous 12 month Sum of New Business Policy Count)


* I am only having trouble getting the 12 month rolling sum


I also figured out why I was only getting repeated numbers in my table visual, it was because I did not connect my PolicyCount table to my other tables.


If you need anything else, just let me know! Thank you for the help!



I cannot download the files from that link.  I get a message saying that i need permission.

Ashish Mathur

Try these link:


See if that works, this is the first time doing it. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Thank you!



That PBI file is 640 MB.  Get it down to only a couple of MB's please and then share the download link.

Ashish Mathur



Unfortunetly, that is impossible without lossing much of the functionality of PowerBI. I could get it down to 7 KB, but the trade off is only being able to use the report view and not having the data and connections view, not being able to edit the query, enter data etc. The PBIX file is at its smallest size with all its functionality. Below is a screenshot of a PBIX that I got the data from the PowerBI Dataset source which is 7KB. If you think you can accomplish it with just the report view then I can send you just that or if you can think of another method. After removing all the unneccsary columns, that only brought the size down by 5 MB, so it looks like the 640 MB file will be necessary. If you need anything else, feel free to ask. Thanks!



Solved the problem by using the new quick measure tool!

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