US and Canadian Strong & Violent Tornadoes, 1980-2009

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US and Canadian Strong & Violent Tornadoes, 1980-2009

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Strong & Violent tornadoes have F3 and greater damage ratings on the original Fujita Scale.  A multi-tab visualization suite is provided for US and Canadian Strong & Violent tornadoes, using separate source, non-common datasets.


One tab is dedicated to interactively map the starting locations for individual events, while additional tabs provide interactive seasonal and annual summaries. 




Publically available Environment Canada & US Storm Prediction Center historical tornado datasets are used where years overlap (1980-2009).  Both datasets were wrangled to ensure common element type & form, and to add fields that support lookup tables to drive user interactivity and cross-filtering.  Various DAX Measures were created to support a range of dynamic calculations.




User Slicer, Legend, and Visualization Element mouse selections drive cross-filtering and dynamic calculations on all tabs.  Users can also filter by Country.


  • Tab ‘Map’:  Each bubble shows the starting lat/lon location for the event, color coded by F-Scale rating, along with a Monthly Summary. Users can multi-select Months and F Scale ratings for custom analysis.


Users can mouse over/click on any bubble for more event details with tooltips and in the Matrix visualization.



  • Tab ‘Annual Summary’ dashboard. 


  • Tab ‘Seasonal Summary’ dashboard.





The visualizations reveal:


  • In the USA, high-end events generally peak in spring, with a second, smaller peak often appearing in late fall.


  • In Canada, high end events peak in summer.


  • For this dataset we see variability of US events from a monthly, seasonal, and annual perspective, with an even greater annual variability of high-end Canadian tornadoes.


  • Maps allow the user to investigate deeper into regional events. Multiple month selections support flexible timeframes, while auto-zooming highlights where events occur (users can also zoom manually at anytime to investigate event clusters or regions). These functions allow users to seek/define their own stories.



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Re: US and Canadian Strong & Violent Tornadoes, 1980-2009


The Zip file contain a lot of files.  However I did not see the PBIX files.  How to use those  files which in the ZIP




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Re: US and Canadian Strong & Violent Tornadoes, 1980-2009

I love the map (on the first page) and I looked at the PBIX file, but can you provide a PBIVIZ file for the map also so that I can recreate on my report?