Tropical Cyclones - Timeline Storyteller

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Tropical Cyclones - Timeline Storyteller

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About this report:


This solution provides easy analysis of Tropical Cyclones, based on data from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) Best Track archive:



The data shown in this example is for demonstration purposes only. While every effort was made towards accuracy, it has not been thoroughly tested or reviewed.


The scope is currently limited to Western North Pacific Basin, from 2007-2016.


How to use this report:


Use the page naviation control (bottom-centre) to move through the pages.


On each page, you can use the Slicers and AttributeSlicers (along the left edge) to filter your view.


All the other visuals are set to cross-filter each other, so selecting a data region on any visual will filter your analysis across the page.


The Timeline Storyteller visual has a Frame control at the bottom left - use the arrows to navigate between the frames.


There are also detailed tool-tips on every observation - hover to see the exact time and statistics. Note this does not work well in the Chrome browser.


Apologies for the arbitrary banding of values, annoying positioning of the legend and inappropriate legend colours - these are due to limitations of the Timeline Storyteller visual and beyond my control.