Solar Eclipse 2017 Photo Data Dashboard

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Solar Eclipse 2017 Photo Data Dashboard

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My name is Dan Banta. I am a data analyst, video editor and camera enthusiast. I have been really eager to see how Power BI is able to accomodate photo journalism and photo exploration.  I really liked the idea of exploring something that reached a tipping point in 2017. Ever since the invention of the camera, solar eclipses have been some of the most popular photography subjects ever. It is not hard to imagine that everyone with a camera pointed it up in the sky on August 21, 2017. Some are even estimating that it was the most photographed event in history.


This dashboard includes a small data set of just over 300 photos of eclipses dating back to the invention of the camera. This dashboard also includes a large main data set of over 20,000 photos from the 2017 eclipse. Google did some incredible work alongside huge contributions from citizen scientists from all over the country to gather this data. You can watch more about it here and on their YouTube channel.


I wanted to create a tool that allowed for meaningful and thought provoking exploration of this impressive collection of photos. This dashboard includes and interactive walkthrough to set the context with navigation that allows for easy access to the full report at any time. I also really wanted this to be a data mining tool as much as it is an exploration of photography preferences for capturing the eclipse. It is not easy to go through 20K+ photos and sometimes it takes some human curation to really tease out a story. I have includes a few filter sets in the navigation of the report that captured my imagination as I played with the report. I hope to add more filter sets and data over time.


Thanks for taking the time to view this report!



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