Sharks Killed by Freezing, Ninja Attacks and Twinkies Eaten in 2017

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Sharks Killed by Freezing, Ninja Attacks and Twinkies Eaten in 2017

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For my first submission to the 2017 Year in Review Contest, I have chosen three stories represented by three report pages that present poignant and compelling narratives that also happen to pay homage to martial arts master Jim Kelly.


The first story is easily the most consequential story of 2017, that of magnificent ocean predators falling victim to the cruelity of suddently frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Click on the number of Sharks frozen to death in 2017 to understand how these mighty aquatic beasts must feel when encountering freezing ocean temperatures, like a Jim Kelly flying leap kick to the gills!


Just as meaningful as the most important story of 2017 is what didn't happen in 2017. Attacks by ninjas. How this once mighty class of feudal Japanese warriors have fallen considering that they are incapable of mounting even a single attack this past year. To understand how it must feel, click on the number of ninja attacks in 2017. It must feel like being clobbered by a pair of bullet deflecting nunchucks!


Finally, the third story deals with the number of Twinkies eaten in 2017. I mean, who doesn't love Twinkies? Am I right? And trust me, if the immortal Jim Kelly were still alive today, he would make it 500,000,001. Click on the number of Twinkies eaten to find out.


Source data and citations are included in the attached PBIX file.





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