Regime wise economy and social performance of Pakistan

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Regime wise economy and social performance of Pakistan


Economy and Social Performance Regime Wise:

In this post, I applied the utilization of Drill-through, Text Filter and Box & Whisker chart.

To analyze the economy and social performance of the different regime of Pakistan, these tools helped me a lot. You just need to right click on the name of the authority person, drill-through will appear and then click on the summary as per instruction given below:


Image 1.png


One can easily analyze the performance of the authority. Since there is a huge number of indicators over there, you can use the text filter to search your relevant indicators and then can easily see its trend and impact on the table. There are around 1500 indicators in the slicer, as per your requirement you can incorporate it in the analysis.


Box & Whisker chart is a very power full tool which I used as a custom visual, it concludes the performance of a particular indicator in a single bar. I used here three indicators:

  • Current Account balance (% of GDP)-green bar
  • GDP growth % (black bar)
  • Inflation % (red bar)


I am considering here inflation % which is in a red bar. During the Asif Ali Zardari regime which is around 5 years, when you hovering the cursor on the inflation bar, it will provide the excellent information. It covers max and min inflation, average and median inflation and quartile1 & quartile 3 inflation for the period. The same parameter will also be appeared when you hover the cursor on other 2 indicators.

This is very brief analysis but you can give u a very good insight of the economy.